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I wish to introduce myself that I am an astrologer, Numerologist, Vaastu Consultant and Medical Astrologer for the past 19 years. I can able to cast the horoscope/kundli and give prediction and also do the matching the horoscopes for marriage. Since I have specialized in Lal Kitab & Vaastu, Numerology, I can give advice to overcome the obstacles in marriage, Kaal Sarp Dhosa, Manglik Dosa, Pithra Dosa and other Dosha. Online Astrological consultation is also available & I Predict by Date of Birth. Also specialized in Naming new born child/ New company or firm or institution as per Vedic astrology and Chaldean Numerology. Black Magic therapy is also available. Astrology is a key to happy and healthy life. However, you need to get help us. You can Consult for definite results to your problems. We truly understand need according your problems.

Astrology is a special science established since Vedic period, Lal Kitab. It is also an integral part of Indian tradition. It co-relates the positions of stars to predict your future.

I underpinnings spiritual also make sure that it’s less concerned with fortune telling, but more about evolution of humans as it also strives to bring them close to the divine power.

People Suffering from Financial Problems, Job issues, Foreign Travel, Business Problems, Love Marriage Problems seek Our advice. Due to the high ratio of successful solutions, devotees find us. We are most reliable astrological consultants.

Online consultation is also available. 

Full Life Prediction on Horoscope along with the Varsh Phal and Remedy.

Suffering from Financial Problems.


Job issues.




Foreign Travel.

Business Problems.

Career Development.

Other Family Affairs

Love Marriage Problems.

Horoscope Matching for Marriage.

Astrological Consultation for Business.

Putra Prapti (Child Birth)



Numerology is the mathematically-exact method of revealing your desires, fortune, and what is most likely to happen in the future — selecting your name on the basis of your birth date Star and horoscope. Coining the name in accordance with the horoscope and date of birth your fortune will be assured and ill effect will be minimized.

No other science, esoteric or otherwise, can give you the correctness of your name to help you or your child for their prosperous.

Numerology is the art of determining tendencies and likelihoods pertaining to your present and future using the numbers of your birth date, star, Lagan, Rashi . The numerical number which arrived in correlation with these factors and the selecting the names accordingly is the right way to name a child for its prosperous. This number will certainly determine the child’s health, wealth, education and all other factor.

The numerology reading form has been used thousands and thousands of times. Since we have recommended over 2,000 profiles as per the Vedic astrology and numerology we have vast experience in this field.



Astrology as applied to medicine has very ancient roots, for example in India, China and Egypt, but it reached its fullest flowering in Europe in the late medieval and early modern periods, c1450-1700. The influence of astrology also entered European medicine from the Arab countries. Basically, it is no exaggeration to say that astrology dominated everything during that period and thus many systems of knowledge depended upon it, were symbiotic with it, or made reference to it in their worldview. In the case of medicine, astrologers assigned signs of the zodiac to rule over parts of the body, planets to rule over organs and systems, and planets to rule over diseases and drugs. Thus, the whole system is one of observation and interpretation based upon a complex system of given Rulership’s.

Briefly the organs of the body are ruled as follows:

Human Parts Planets

Heart - Sun

Brain and Nerves -[Uranus] & Mercury

Respiratory - Mercury

Arteries - Mars

Veins - Saturn

Kidneys - Venus

Liver - Jupiter

Digestive system - Venus

Muscles – Mars

Reproduction - Venus and Mars

Endocrine system - Neptune & Uranus

Testes - Pluto

Ovaries - Moon

Skin - Saturn

Teeth, Nails & Hair - Mars

Bones & Skeleton - Saturn

By analyzing the planets, its position, aspect, Charam and power with their ruling time the diseases to be ascertained.


I also a master in solving very complex problems in your love life, marital life, and family life. Critical and intimate issues like extramarital affairs, betrayal in love, are also solved by me. The simple and innocent nature of remedies by us solve all types of problems in a short period of time. Many people have definite results after consulting us. I have skilled in suggesting best rituals, mantras, and yantras for accurate results.

If you are looking for jyotish in India or Best Astrologer in India then your search ends here!

You can contact me through e-mail or Over phone any time for Appointment. My mail id is astroaacharya41@gmail.com and contact numbers are: +91 9216124444

 Website:  https://www.vedicastrologer.online


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