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Numerology Kundli & Name Correction

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Numerology is the mathematically-exact method of revealing your desires, fortune, and what is most likely to happen in the future — selecting your name on the basis of your birth date Star and horoscope. Coining the name in accordance with the horoscope and date of birth your fortune will be assured and ill effect will be minimized.

No other science, esoteric or otherwise, can give you the correctness of your name to help you or your child for their prosperous.

Numerology is the art of determining tendencies and likelihoods pertaining to your present and future using the numbers of your birth date, star, Lagan, Rashi . The numerical number which arrived in correlation with these factors and the selecting the names accordingly is the right way to name a child for its prosperous. This number will certainly determine the child’s health, wealth, education and all other factor.

The numerology reading form has been used thousands and thousands of times. Since we have recommended over 2,000 profiles as per the Vedic astrology and numerology we have best experience in this field.

Numerology is a science of numbers which determines the overall personality, character, thought process and luck factor, which is why every human being is different from others in terms of success, prosperity and quality of life. Every number (one to nine) is denoted by one or the other planet

Numerology can help to get success in following ways-

1.     We can suggest the best possible date for delivery of the baby. ( Though God's will is most important )

2.     We can suggest the right career path, job or business for you.

3.     What subjects the child should select in studies to choose the right career path?

4.     Selection of perfect first alphabet for the person’s name, company’s name and product name.

5.     Perfect name spelling correction for yourself, company name or product name. This is the most important aspect to pull or push one’s success rate; therefore with our deep understanding on Name Numerology we give the utmost attention to this aspect.

6.     Matchmaking for marriage or business partnership.

7.     Role of perfect mobile number in your business.

8.     Role of perfect vehicle number in your overall progress.

9.     Right selection of colours in your day to day life.

10. Plan your life according to present and coming years.



With our rich experience of 19 Years, 1000+ Clients based across India and overseas, 

       • We give the most honest and scientific opinion to our clients.

·       • No false commitments, we believe in giving a true picture about the person.

·       • Give proper time, listen patiently to our clients.

·       • No expensive remedies.

·       • We give more than value for your money.

·       • We motivate the client to optimize their potential.



·        The overall analysis of the Date of Birth.

·        Name spelling correction.

·        Future trend of coming years.

·        Remedies to up lift the success rate.

·        Detecting strengths& weaknesses.

·        Lucky Numbers,colours.

·        Relationship and Health.

·        Signature Correction.

·        Designing of Business Card & Logo of the company.

·        Compatibility between two or more persons.

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